28 March 2011

My Little Treasures

Ever since I am able to decide what I like, old books have always been a favorite for me. I love the smell, the fragile pages, covers of old, forgotten words, names and numbers in them. And lucky I am, I was able to take some old books of my mother and and her grandfather yesterday. A Study in Scarlet by Arthur Conan Doyle, Sense and Sensiblity by Jane Austen, Classic Greek Mythology(Klasik Yunan Mitolojisi) by Şefik Can and two old teenage magazines(Çiğdem) volumes which belonged to my mom back then. They are simply wonderful, can't wait to read them all with a nice cup of Earl Grey tea.

(My hand are still smelling of sugar and eggwhite because of my experiment of making meringues. It was a catastrophe.)

Music: Roy Orbinson - Only The Lonely


A Study in Scarlet
I am also a huge fan of the TV Show Sherlock Holmes by BBC and can't wait for the new episodes. After sneaking a peek into this book, it was so fun to point out the exact references to this book.






Classic Greek Mythology (Klasik Mitoloji)
This is the oldest book about Greek mythology I've ever touched I guess. The illustrations in it are wonderful and it has all my favorites myths in it as well. It has a list of all the names occured in the Greek Mythology with basic explanations of them. It's pretty old and needs care. I like it better this way.





Sense and Sensibility
Jane Austen's books are always a delight for me to read. I admire the athmosphere and the language. Why say no to a nice old love story? Especially when the book is old and smelling wonderful...



These are my mom's old weekly magazines, one volume contains ten of them I think. Mostly they contain weekly comics and short stories as well as riddles and puzzles. And ofcourse, tips for the young modern girls about how to be elegant, fashionable and lovely. There is even horoscope!


Some useful hair tips...






  1. You take beautiful pictures!
    Ooh, the smell of books, both new and old, there should be odes written about them...
    In Budapest there is an avenue with one second hand bookshop after the next, and it's one of my favourite pastimes to walk along, check each and carry home some treasure.

    My absolute favourite old book is an 1880s edition of Keats's longer poems. Bound in leather. With an owl on the cover. Bought for 4 dollars worth of Hungarian Forints... Proper treasure! :)

  2. Hello! Visiting your blog, over from Madeline's hehe, and I have to say that I also loooove the smell of books!! My family and I are compulsive book buyers, from classics to modern new york bestsellers. :)

  3. I love this :) old books are the best- i've got a few poetry books that have messages written in them - some of them are so sweet and heartfelt...i just love wondering who was reading it last! x

  4. MY GOD, I have actual comments :)

    @Madeline: I am so jelaous, 1880s Keats? Are you kidding me? The oldest book I have is this Sherlock Holmes I guess, willing to find older ones of course!

    @Ellie: Me too! Sometimes there are notes and numbers on them, its such delight to guess what did they mean to the previous owner.

    @Vivienne: Thanks!

    @Titine and Totoche: Aah, smell of books are the best! I wish they made a perfume of that. Yay for the book buyers!


  5. I so wanted to read that "Klasik Yunan Mitolojisi" now ^^


    Ballad of Seasons


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