28 April 2011

Memories Are Made Of This

Dean Martin ~ Memories Are Made Of This

I have an addiction for vintage postcards. Though the old photos of people I don't know makes me a little sad (it makes me feel like I'm reading a diary which I'm not supposed to find), I absolutely love reading old postcards and letters. No need no mention that the handwritings of the old are absolutely gorgeous. So whenever I'm in İstanbul, I go to my favorite antiquarian's shop which sells old photos, maps, books, pictures as well as the reproductions of some original art; and I pick a few "new" old postcards and letters for myself. My personal favorites are the ones from 1900s-1930s.

Vintage Postcards9

Vintage Postcards2

Vintage Postcards3

Vintage Postcards4

Vintage Postcards5

Vintage Postcards6

Vintage Postcards8

Vintage Postcards1


  1. çok güzellermiş hakikaten ._. kıskanıyorum senin koleksiyonlarını çok ciciler ._.

  2. Bi daha beraber gittigimizde gotururum seni de hehe

  3. These are so gorgeous :) I love old postcards, too. I wish my handwriting looked like that!

  4. Me too! Sadly its hardly a please to the eye.

  5. Wow these are absolutely fantastic! They're so gorgeous.
    Love your blog, I'm definitely following.
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Hello! Oooh I love the postcards, I wonder how these stores actually get them? Or when you find them at bazaars, how did they get there? Also, doesn't it make you want to know more about the people (who wrote and receive) the postcard? Sorry just some random questions, looking at the pics got me wandering!


  7. Wow, really great photographs and such a cute blog! Love them! I am your next follower ^_^

    Thank you very much for your kind comments and following my blog~


  8. Lovely blog!! Your collection of vintage postcards is enviable - I love them too.

  9. @Lisa: I have very few but I love them too!

  10. How wonderful! FF xx www.fashionfantasist.blogspot.com


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