09 May 2011

Favorite Things - 1

I saw this kind of posts in some of my favorite blogs and since I lack inspiration and/or new photos to share, I can post the pretty photos of some of my favorite things.

1 - China tea cups
I love tea and I think that's pretty obvious. But there is an outstanding pleasure in drinking your tea with an elegant, pretty china rather than those massive thick mugs.

China Tea Cup
Photo by: Cindy {k}

2 - Mint Intense by Lindt
I am not a sweet tooth usually. I do not crave for dessert and I don't remember stuffing chocolate just in case for an "emergency". Yet, Lindt is very tempting and my favorite is the mint flavoured one. The taste is not as sharp as After Eight which is better for me.

Excellence de Chocolat
Photo by: Suahir Liyakath

3 - Midnight In Paris
This will be a favorite of mine as soon as I watch it, I just know. Incredible Paris view, nice music, 1920s and my all-time lady crush Marion Cotillard. Can't wait to see this movie.

4 - Hilarity / Sarah Dvojack
Sarah is currently one of my all-time favorite artists. I can't get enough of her illustrations and she's heck of a writer too. She recently started to use Tumblr more frequently and I couldn't be happier. She's such a decent person as well, I am such a fan girl.
(My hopes for not getting a restraining order soon are still high, lol. Ok.)


5 - Sharpening my pencils
Though I lack the talent of a good artist, I still enjoy sketching my characters (I am not mental, they are my role playing characters). I used to draw a lot more frequently when I was in high school but I gave it up for about 4-5 years ago. It feels good to touch the pencil and the paper again, even though its pretty hard for me to draw like I used to. Still practising.


I like my pencils sharp. Sharp sharp sharp. Very sharp.

Twin lens pencil sharpener
Photo by: Patrick Ng


  1. love it. i love these kinds of post. hence why i started doing my own ones.

  2. I am VERY excited about Midnight in Paris and I also think that tea is best served in a cup and saucer. xxx

  3. @Emma: I know, I love seeing other people's tastes in things :)

    @Etoile: Yay for Paris and cups!

  4. Lovely little things in life here and there, so cute!

    And I wanna see that movie! Other than the beautiful view and music, it is directed by Woody Allen, awesome! Not sure when it will be on in the US though.

  5. Yay, just found out it will be in New York and LA on May 20 :D

  6. How I love the mechanic pencil sharpener. My best friend in primary school used to have one and I just kept sharpening pencils when I was at her place.
    Maybe now that you reminded me of it, I should hunt one down and relive the passion! :D

  7. Love the new layout :) And how sweet is that teacup?!

    - Lauren

  8. hey there,
    just stumbled in.

    totally with you on tea cups and chocolate - although prefer green and blacks. the film looks very good, just my thing.

    i enjoy organising up my pencils/pens. :)

    enjoying your blog....


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