28 May 2011

Favorite Things - 2

Happy Saturday everyone, hope you have a nice weekend. I am hoping to have a better week afterwards since last week was basically a fail for me. No worries, keeping our spirit high with our favorite things.

1- Lace
I love lace and how nostalgic it makes me feel. It is most certainly elegant and makes an outfit stylish in no time. At least for my taste. I do not wear enough lace as I'd like to wear but I am admiring it non-stop on pretty people with pretty taste.

Lace fabric

2- Vanilla Cake
Does it need saying? Vanilla cheers me up, more than chocolate does.

Very Vanilla Cake

3- Pretty Work Spaces
I love seeing other people's desks, home offices and work spaces. Organized places make me riddiculously happy and inspire me to have one myself as well. (I will certainly not show you a photo oh my desk, no sir.)

work space

4- Pera Palas by Kemal Öztürk
The book I am currently reading. I adore every page of it. It's about the history of the region Pera and the very iconic hotel, Pera Palas. Pera is considered as a place which started the westernization of İstanbul and Ottoman Empire since it always maintained different cultures from Venecian to French. One of my favorite locations in İstanbul is Pera and my definately most favorite of all hotels is Pera Palas. Which makes it obvious why I love this book so much. (Oh hello 1880s, we've met before.)

5- Krisatomic's Illustrations

I've been a fan of her since God knows when. I love her simple style and colorful illustrations so very much. Her images of my beloved Brighton and very lovely photography makes her even more amazing to me. I'm sure you've all heard of her but I am still going to spread the Krisatomic love.

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  1. This is a great favorite things post. Lace & vanilla. (: I hope this week is much better to you than the past one.

  2. What an excellent selection of beautiful things to love! I absolutely adore getting a glimpse of ther people's workspaces, although it always makes me feel a little ashamed of mine!

  3. Same here! One day I will have a workspace neat enough to show others, I swear. Hope you can have one too hahah.

    Thanks Sarah, I hope so. :)

  4. I'd kill for some vanilla cake right now. I know what you mean about having an organised space...any time I have uni work to do I have to tidy up first!x

  5. Lace + Vanilla. Yes.

    And of course, beautiful workspaces make me squirm a little because I want one. Though, creatively, I'm a messy person and don't really take the time to organize my work space while I'm working. It's so funny, since all the other area of my life are organized and neat.


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