22 June 2011

Favorite Things - 3

1- Bricolagelife's Etsy Shop
A shop for hand embroidery, jewelry and fabric designs. Beautiul!

paper weaving

2- Rose wine
Lamberti Blush is my absolute favorite, has a slighty sweet taste and it is very light! Goes perfect especially with deserts. Yum.


3- Shabby chic doll-house
This is probably the prettiest thing I've ever seen. My jaw dropped when I saw it, and I refuse to accept that I am too old to own a doll-house. This is pure art.
Miniature furnitures by gorgeous Beatrice: http://lesminiaturesdebeatrice.blogspot.com/

La Vie en Rose/ shabby chic dollhouse

4- Breakfasts in the garden
Since the weather is more suitable for breakfasts and brunches in the garden, I am planning to enjoy this privilage more frequently. Despite the horrible insects...

breakfast table

5- Espadrilles
Not a big fan of espadrilles in general, never actually wore them and can't decide of they are comfortable or not. But these striped ones are so very tempting, I might give it a chance.



  1. Ohh, that dollhouse is beautiful. I'm not a huge fan of espadrilles either, but I think those might be worth it! :) Great photos, as always.

    - Lauren

  2. i like your fav things posts. the doll house is so gorgeous. have you ever read brinja's blog? she has constructed her own dolls house based on her own home. it's quite amazing.

  3. Really? Oh I didn't know that, this makes them even more amazing!


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