07 November 2011

Favorite Things - 4

Stay tuned for some quality food porn. Here are my favorite things to eat, without considering the time or place.

I am still oh very lazy to take some photos and edit them; so enjoy my life-saver favorite things post! x

1 - Croissant
I never say no to croissant. Sweet, salty, plain, almond, cheese, etc. Come at me.


2 - Cream Tea
One of my favorite things about England - scones and clotted cream. Seriously, I can never eat enough and it's always tea time for me. That's why I enjoy cream tea way too much if I am in London.

Cream Tea

3 - Calamari
Sea food. Forever. I love it with tartar sauce though.


4 - California Rolls
I am not a fan of sushi at all; I don't enjoy every kind of it and the idea of eating raw fish makes me feel icky. BUT, california rolls, those I love. I really do.

California Roll

5 - Cheese
I can live with it, really. Nothing but cheese and good bread. Less is more.


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  1. uuuggghhh I'm so hungry and this food looks so good, but it's late so I won't be eating anything that good. Oh well.

    Mabel Time

  2. Ohh delicious. I too love croissants. What is clotted cream? Is it like whipped cream? It looks tasty :)


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