29 November 2011


I'm being super lazy about my blog again but though there are a few things I'm willing to shoot/share, I really hate the evening light. My favorite is the early morning light and sunset and this is prevented by my working hours unfortunately. I could have got up half an hour earlier and take photos of course, but as I said: I am super lazy.

I'll give you another lovely photographer from Flickr: Liz.Rusby. She has magnificent images of Paris of her own. My favorites are the Paris photos but the rest is amazing too. Such a keen eye for a good compositon. May I add I am a bit jelaous of that.

If you are a lover of the City of Light, I'm sure she'll be your new addiction.

It was a dream

And a GPOY for a change. Peter pan collars are the best!


  1. Absolutely beautiful pictures! I love Paris so very much.

  2. Oh, a picture of you! You're so beautiful, dear Ipek! Great to see you. :)

    I wish my camera could do this sharp foreground-background divide... Makes the pictures so exciting! (I know it probably has a professional name, but I'm just an amateur after all. :)

  3. @Madeline: Oh thank you! You're so sweet :)

    And yes, I love that effect too but I'm almost sure that the focusing in these photos are a result of photoshop blurring. (At least I hope so, since it would be something more achievable for me.)

  4. I think it's called tilt-shift effect and i love it too. And i love these photographs also. They make my days lately.

    Ayrıca, kendi resimlerini daha sık koy bence. Bence yani. İngiltere'den sonra her gün bir post yollaman gerekecek ayrıca.

    Şu dönemde en fazla destekçim olan insana sevgiler saygılar. (ÇOK RESMİ OLDU BU. Sanki her saniye konuşmuyor gibi.)

  5. I would love to visit Paris someday, it looks so beautiful!

    I also love peter pan collars :)

  6. these photographs are amazing, what a talented photographer!

    and nice to see you too!!

  7. loved the Paris photos. adorable!
    have a Cupcake sweet day!

  8. For pictures like these anyone can fall in love with this city!
    Thanks for sharing! And peter pan collars rule indeed! And so do pearl earrings!
    Have a lovely day dear!

  9. Oh my goodness, how lovely lovely lovely! My boyfriend and I wanna go over there already! You take such wonderful photographs, falling in love now♥ ♥VISIT HIM AND HER PROJECT♥

  10. These Parisian photographs are truly amazing - I love the hearts especially! <3 and I absolutely adore your blouse - nothing tops a pan collar!

    Lost in the Haze

  11. Wow those really are beautiful photos! Beautiful city shots x

    Natalie | Just a Thought

  12. nice pics

  13. :) Thanks for stopping by so quickly!

    Well it snowed but it melted few days ago, since it's so warm again. But hoping to get a white Christmas. :)

    xx indie by heart

  14. Thank you for the tip! They're such gorgeous photos that I can live vicariously through her. :)


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