17 December 2011

2012 Wishlist

What to have in 2012?


1. A black, chic and useful satchel, preferably from Cambridge Satchel. (Thanks to Rachel Phipps for introducing her bright purple bag from Cambridge Satchel, LOVED it.)

2. A pair of comfortable, everyday brown loafers.

3. A new watch from Swatch, white and sleek.

4. A Babyliss waver, for making faux fingerwaves.

5. A cozy plaid jacket.

6. A navy wool blazer.

7. O.P.I. 'Cuckoo for this Color' nail enamel.

8. A plaid cashmere blanket.

9. A silver knot ring.

10. A pair of red comfortable suede flats.


  1. nice selection, you'd look very british in this

  2. I love the satchel - such an awesome bag, and so roomy as well, you could definitely fit everything in there!

  3. Love it, a very preppy looking wishlist :)


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