05 December 2011

Favorite Things Guest: Pink Bow

Today, one of my favorite bloggers is a guest of mine: Paula a.k.a. Pink Bow. I'm sure you're familiar with her lovely blog which is a place for beautiful photography and lovely everyday details, as well as a very refined taste for fashion and decoration. Thank you for being my guest Paula. xx

Here are 5 of my favourite things - a difficult choice as I have many!

1. Chanel
Anything big or small from this iconic brand.

2. Home
I'm such a home-body and I love the little things that make a house a home.

3. Lipstick
I love really bright, matt colours. As I'm so pale, lipstick is an absolute necessity.

4. Lula Magazine
I look forward to this bi-annual publication which just seems to encapsulate everything girly that I love.

5. Tea
Although I'm a coffee drinker first thing on a morning, it is always tea for the rest of the day. And I love to try new teas, Laduree is my ultimate favourite.


  1. so cute photos. thanks for sharing.
    have a Cupcake sweet Monday!

  2. Gorgeous things, loads of inspiration ! Also very beautiful photgraphy.
    There's some similarities to my Christmas wishes.. Never read Lula -magazine, too bad I haven't seen any sold in my home country - it seems like a lovely magazine.

    xx indie by heart

  3. Always your photos are from another world.. THANKS for sharing..



  4. I keep all my Chanel bags, I love them!
    I am a massive tea drinker, will have to try some Laduree!
    Great post :) xxx

  5. Ah, I know Pink Bow and I like Paula's style. Yes, all these things would be on my list too and I too love being at home.

    Thanks for your lovely comment, good luck for the giveaway :-) xo


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