21 January 2012

Mini Post: Ice Cold

ice cold

And when I say ice cold, that is not a metaphor. The streets are shining with ice, every single night. It's freezing here. Though I feel sad for homeless people and street animals and do my best to help them; I am glad that the weather finally feels like 'winter'. I never was a summer girl.

(Just looked out of the window and it's snowing again, YAY.)

Have a cozy winter weekend. I'm on my way to buy a new bottle of Bvlgari, renew my membership to gym and search for new jogging shoes. x


  1. Your plans for today sound nice. :) I've just been cleaning the house and now finally sitting on the sofa, while watching some movie on TV (well it's on the background since I'm checking emails and comments now :)

    Have a lovely, wintery weekend!
    xx Satu
    Indie by Heart

  2. Wow, they look absolutely incredible!

  3. wow, that is properly cold! I am definitely going to stop complaining about the weather here, it is nothing in comparison to where you are!

  4. Such a great photo! It's finally winter here -40C this week. lol

  5. Those are gorgeous, incredible icicles! I wish we had any hint of winter here, but it snowed ever so slightly once and now it is back to balmy out. ):


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