27 February 2012

Monday Light

My november princess . .

I need some girly inspirations and lovely images this morning, so enjoy.
All photos are linked back to their rightful owners as usual; but if you wish me to remove your image, just tell me to and I will happily remove it.

Pretty Young Things' photography is brilliant. Go follow her work, you'll be pleased!

Vintage . . .

Last two images from Inspiration Lane.

Have a nice week. xx


  1. I love these images. Very feminine. The first image is so appealing. Happy Monday. xx

  2. These photos are beautiful. Perfect inspiration for bringinga bit more lovliness into a monday!

  3. Those photos are so lovely! I plan on buying some flowers for myself this week. I might have to find something similar to those roses!!

  4. I'd love to have a small house in the forest which inside would look like the last picture. :)


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