27 April 2012

Favorite Things - 5

I realized I haven't done a 'Favorite Things' post in ages. I'll be out of town for a little weekend getaway and hopefully I'll be back with photos to share. Enjoy your weekend. xx

*All photos are linked back to their rightful owners.*

1) Guinness
It took me a while to get used to the bitter taste of Guinness but I love it now. Thankfully, we've found a place in my city that serves Guinness (which is a rare thing).


2) Heart Pattern Blouse
I love this Mango blouse since the day I bought it.

Mango Blouse

3) Vintage bicycles
There is no proper place to ride bicycles in my city (a shame, yes) but nevertheless, I love vintage bicycles. It's also a shame that I can't ride a bicycle but that's another story. Don't make fun of me.


 4) Françoise Hardy
She's certainly one of the most beautiful things that walked on this planet. I love her.

Françoise Hardy, Circa 1966

5) Brogues
I have a thing for menswear and though some may find it odd, I think menswear can be much more charming than women's fashion. (Goodbye my lovely followers, it was nice having you. *tears*) Brogues are certainly attractive and should be worn at all times.

Vintage Brogues - Shoes


  1. I gotta check that Mango blouse :) have a lovely trip Ipek!! waiting for photos :)

  2. i adore vintage bikes and as asoon as we live somewhere bike-able i'm buying one, with a basket of course.

    diane keaton rocks men's hats.

    no way can i do guiness! lol

  3. Francois Hardy is quite wonderful! I'm into vintage bikes too! Adorable blog!

  4. This girl is wonderful! Lovely photos.
    Kiss from France, http://www.mylittlediarycloset.com

  5. You have a very beautiful blog, i followed you, if you want you can follow back, i apprecciate that. I wish you a great day and keep up the good work!

  6. ah, my love affair with brogues has a long history :)

  7. I love my brogues! In fact one of my pair is in the cobblers right now bring sewn up as I wore them so much it grew a hole in the upper!

    Can't agree with you on Guinness though - eurgh! ;)

  8. Tell me how you got used to the tast!? I just can't seem to! The boyfriend has been complaining about me hating any type of beer and wine, haha. x

    1. hahahah i have no idea! i used to hate it and i am still not a great fan of beer but i can tolerate guinness more and more :D xx

  9. Ah, the good part of living in a part of the Ankara where the 8-out-of-10 streets are cul-de-sac, it creates an opportunity to ride bicycles in the absence of vehicles. But with the new policemen-on-horses thing, I want to ditch the bike and ride a horse instead.

    1. Bummer—where did my dashingly dapper user-picture go? Woe.

  10. Francoise is a style icon without a doubt...and I like that yellow bike! x


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