30 April 2012

Istanbul not Constantinople (1)

I was in İstanbul this weekend to see the Rembrandt exhibition, see my friend and my grandmother and there will be a post of for the photos of it. But I left the SD card at the office so this is just a preview post! A glimpse of the streets of Galata, one  of my favorite neighbourhoods in the city. I love İstanbul so much, my reactions become unreasonable sometimes.

Have any of you ever been to İstanbul? Is there anyone who wants to visit?


  1. Have you heard the song from They Might Be Giants titled Istanbul? It is totally in my head now.

    1. I did not but I'll definitely check that out!

  2. I'd love to go to Istanbul. It sounds so exotic to me and I really don't know very much about it. How was the Rembrandt exhibit? Sounds wonderful!

  3. i would so love to visit instanbul. the husband isn't that interested compared to others cities/countries on our list.


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