01 April 2012

New Old Books

New Old Books I
New Old Books II
New Old Books III
New Old Books IV
New Old Books V
New Old Books VI
New Old Books VII

My handwriting is really frustrating.

Men Without Women, Ernest Hemingway
A Moveable Feast (In Turkish), Ernest Hemingway
A Moveable Feast (In English), Ernest Hemingway
Musei - Galleria Nazionale Di Londra I & II (They are in Italian, obviously, and I have no idea how will I manage to read them but I don't really care.)


  1. Quiet a selection you have there. Nothing better than a pile of books.

  2. I love old books, and the smell of old books (go on, do it) xx

  3. Agree with Pink Bow;-)
    I adore antiquarian books.

  4. I really like your handwriting!

    New old books are the best types of books I think - I really enjoy thinking about who miht have owned them before me!

    1. oh thanks! and i know the feeling. my favorite things is to find a note or a writing from the previous owner(s).

  5. To do: Read some Hemingway. The art books look lovely. I heart Cezanne.

  6. I love when you pick up a big stack of books. I get so excited with the promise of discovering a new favourite.


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