12 June 2012

Tuesday's Tops

1) Reading The Sun Also Rises by most wonderful Ernest Hemingway. 2) Watching Roman Holiday again with a pitcher of ice cold sugar free lemonade is my plan for this evening. 3) Just bought this two tone striped Shopper Bag from Mango and I'm loving it. Very useful for people who threw anything they find in their bags. (a.k.a. me) 4) Lusting after these Vicksburg Woven flats from Topshop for the summer.

What have you been up to?


  1. biraz önce ben de bu yazın 3. ayakkabısını aldım. hayatıma yeni bir heyecan kattım:p
    akşama sardunyada şöyle soğuğundan bir karadut şarabı içmeyi planlıyorum. hani diyorum, belki... :))

    1. karadut şarabı mı, sardunya mııı :) aklımı çok çeldin şu an, kaç gibi oradasın?

  2. Roman Holiday is such a good film! It's my favourite Audrey film ever - just perfect for a summer evening!

  3. I've been trying to figure out my life, honestly, hehe. Nothing too crazy.

  4. Roman Holiday is one of my favorite movies of all time! It never fails to make me want to chop off my hair and wear men's pajamas.

  5. I love Hemingway! & Roman Holiday is an all time favourite! xx



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