04 July 2012

Wednesday's Tops

1) Rodolforever is one of my favorite artists. He has incredible illustrations with book cover and movie poster designs; art deco all over the place. Which is why I have a mental climax everytime I go through his gallery. Be sure to visit if you enjoy the old fashioned design through new tools of trade. Simply delicious. 2) Bria tried the best recipe for pistachio macarons on her blog a few years ago. Hopefully my trays will be full of mint green macarons when I'm done with the recipe. Yummy. 3) I am admiring these Wayfarers. These London-themed sunglasses are exactly what I'd love to wear but they seem to be out of stock. How sad. 4) I just bought Paris in Color - finally! It's the collected work of Nichole Robertson who runs Little Brown Pen. Her 'Paris in Color' project has became one of my favorite things ever in general through time and I'm glad I finally managed to buy her book. I'd recommend you to do the same as well.

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