16 August 2012

Travelling North

ST. PetersburG RussiA

I'm going to Russia this Sunday and I'll be there during next week. EEP. So excited. I'll be visiting Moscow and St. Petersburg; can't wait to take billions of photos, fall in love with the cities and cry, as always, on my way back home. I'm looking forward to find some good seond hand/antique book shops and very old cafes. I'm afraid I'll be coming home with a bag full of books again but I don't think I'll regret it. Clothes are overrated, I'd rather have space for the library I'll carry back home. Oh well.

Oh and, I could use some 'must-see' suggestions, if you have any.

Photo courtesy: Antonio Bovino

10 August 2012

Other People's Places

I love coming across with a new photographer and becoming an instant fan. Her name is Olga Bennett, if I'm not mistaken, and I'm enjoying her photostream a lot more than I should.

She also has a blog: Other People.

luci everett penny's place
ice cream
in the morning
studio of Amber Wallis

The silence in photos is so soothing. I used to enjoy 'loud' photos but I guess taste changes a lot through time. I can't even look at the very old photos I took because they make me go 'Oh God, why.' too bad. Too much edit, too much HDR, too much 'noise' in the photos bother me, with its own fine exceptions of course. And I rearrange the people I follow and my contacts almost regularly, so all I have on my home page in Flickr is these kind of shots. It feels more efortless. Yet the feeling of 'being there' is very bare.

And on an irrelevant topic, I seem to enjoy HIM once again which is surprising because I haven't listened to Ville Valo literally in years. I remembered this song out of nowhere a few weeks ago and because of my silly brain who cannot and would not accept anything in reasonable amounts; it's on repeat since this morning.

Does anyone listens to a song/reads a book until the thought of it makes them sick?

I need help.