01 September 2012

Back Home

I'm back!

The great north was divine in almost every way and I have about 1,500 photos to edit and share; so it may take a while. Bear with me.

Now I'm in the mood for a crisp autumn which means cups of tea, apple flavoured desserts, crunchy leaves, a visit to the zoo and that bright dark blue tone of the sky that I love so much. Oh, and the new seasons of the shows I watch.

Expect some Petersburg and Moscow photos soon. I'm afraid by the time I'm done, I'll be heading to a new vacation and this blog will eventually turn into a place that I post images of the old trips. Oh well. Let's wait and see.

PS. I'm on a diet. I decided to post this here so if I give up, my embarrasment and shame will be bigger. Cheers. x


  1. Looking forward to your pics ipek!!

  2. 1500 photos? Sounds amazing... I can't wait to see them. (:

  3. welcome back :) 1500 photos? huh :D it's amazing :)

  4. I bet the 1500 doesn't even showcase everything you saw! =D

  5. Pictures pictures pictures pictures!

  6. Welcome back! Looking forward to seeing your photos!


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