31 October 2012

Wednesday's Tops

Hello fellow creatures, happy creepy Halloween to all. Today is not my best day I'm afraid; I woke up late, I was slightly late to work, I have a headache and I don't feel like doing anything fun - or anything at all.

So I'm posting a wishlist for this week's Weekly Tops and sharing the nice things I've laid my eyes on.

1.  Ernest Hemingway - The Collected Stories from Everyman's Library

This is the finest edition I have yet seen. It has everything in it; the cover and the paper quality is dreamy and it's Hemingway. No explanation needed.

2. Classic Sheffield by Daniel Wellington

I have so many doubts about this watch because I cannot decide between this and the Classic St. Andrews. I have a feeling that the brown band will go better with my skin and my general closet but the black is always the new black and it's a classic in every way. I'll go with the rose gold with black and silver with brown. maybe I'll buy both and prove that I cannot possibly make a choice between two perfect watches.

3. Duffle Coats

These remind me of my childhood coats and I love them to bits. They are casual yet chic and not sloppy but comfortable. I don't like being too fancy on a regular day - I feel self conscious and I feel like I'm trying too hard; because I am rarely fancy enough to pull off a fancy outfit. I am much better off in casual and cozy clothes. This Burberry one I particularly love; but unless any of you decide to give me a late birthday present, it's off my table.

4. Leather Oxfords/Brogues for autumn

My feet are not the easiest to find the perfect shoes for. I am broad-footed, I have high arches and my shoe size is something between 5 - 5.5 (38-39) which makes it not so much fun to shop for shoes. I also cannot wear very flat shoes due to my arches since they start to ache instantly. So I need the perfect leather shoes for rainy yet not freezing days of autumn and I hope to find them soon. Sigh. This pair is from Dorothy Perkins and nowhere near being comfortable enough for me. But they are pretty.

5. A one-way ticket to London or Oxford

Okay, this is not exactly an item. But I miss London more than I miss home in most occasions and I am actually hurting when I see the photos of my most beloved city. It's been almost a year since I last stepped foot in London and the more I write about it, the more I miss it, so I will stop. Could someone nice enough offer me a job there, pretty please?

What do you wish for nowadays? 



  1. Lol, I think we'd all love a job in London! But I hope you are able to go back for a visit soon. This is a lovely list.

  2. Sorry to hear you are feeling poorly, my lovely.
    How about treating yourself to a new pair of shoes?;)

    1. Hahahah not unless I want to burst into tears in the discount isle.

  3. A selection to my taste! I'm always looking for brogues (oxfords), love the classic duffle coat and everything else. I guess I'm quite lucky - though it doesn't always feel like that ;-) - to live in London... Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, I really appreciate it. Have a lovely evening xo

  4. Great selection! I totally adore the coat!


  5. That watch is a beauty! It would be one of those things that lasts a lifetime.

  6. The clock is so beautiful <3

    Love Meroda


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