21 January 2013

My Sheltering Umbrella


I just like walking under the rain. It's one of the only times I can be with myself outside without feeling self-conscious. Everybody is too busy running away from the rain that nobody ever pays attention to you. And it's very liberating, especially for a person who finds herself in awkward situations when she's introduced to human interaction.

I am just not very good at handling social life, lol. And I can't help but laugh like a lunatic when I remember my teenager years because I used to define myself as a "people person"

Yeah, right.

Rain Rain Rain Rain
Rain Rain Rain Rain Rain

Have a great week, y'all. xxx


  1. I have a similar relationship to the rain. For me it's about anonymity due to the need for privacy. I like observing rather than being observed. Add an umbrella and the veil is even thicker!

  2. I adore walking in the rain and you're absolutely right, it is wonderful for creating a little bubble of your own. And I love how you feel untouchable under an umbrella - rain falling all around but dry on your head. Mind you, I also sometimes like strolling in the pouring rain, just getting soaking wet and not caring... Except that approach is more likely to draw attention to you as people tend to think it's a bit mad to let nature get to you, rather than trying to run and take cover from it!

  3. Beautiful photos. Walking in the rain can be a wonderful experience, I never thought about it in this way though but you are right - it definitely allows you that little bit more privacy.

  4. oh my, these pictures are haunting and beautiful. I feel the same way about being out in the world when it's raining.


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