10 February 2013

Details and Plans

It's ironic how often I wear gold if you consider that I used to avoid it religiously back in the days.


I've been lacking the willpower to blog regularly lately, you should know by now. My daily life isn't at it's fanciest and I guess this is applies to all parts of my life. I'm known for my love of organised spaces and organised people in general. Yet lately, my whole life is no different than the dish of a hyperactive puppy and I am not amused. My desk gets messy, my closet is inexplicable, my to-do list is a joke, my routine errands are yet to be taken care of and I am just killing time, considering getting 'useless slacker' as a tattoo on my forehead. 

After reading Rachel's Weekly Love post and discovering Gala Darling's blogging posts as well as the IFB's 5 Days 5 Ways of improvement guide, I decided to get back on the track. Very few things bother me as much as quitting and quitters, so I'm hoping this is the boost I needed lately. Also, Harriet's post about how she blogs was a delight to read. I love her blog and follow it intensely; she's been a favourite of mine since the very early days of my blogger world discoveries and I admire how organised she is. Her way of getting things done is similar to how I like to get things done as well, so I'm definitely following the mind map advice. Written words is the best.

This week will be an experiment of organised blogging for me, as well as getting my other parts of life back to their places. I hope you're having a great Sunday and still denying the Monday monster.


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