11 January 2014


New Year Resolution tradition is something I enjoy, despite the fact that most of those decisions left on a list, unloved and unperformed. It's hard to say that if this year will be a groundbreaking one in terms of sticking to every decision I make, or not. Let's say that the main thing I'm planning for 2014 is to be less lazy.

I am not a complete couch potato but I overthink many things in life to the point of intimidating myself with the amount of work that they will require, so I usually end up doing not that much. Despite having the yearning for experience and adventures at heart, I also have the soul and habits of a domestic cat which include a large scale of comfort zone. The last time I whined about the lack of excitement in my life, karma rewarded me with a month long anxious state of mind which was more "exciting" than I cared to experience. So let's say that I am not in the search for a wild life, but I am looking forward to enhance what I have and work with what I've got. So hopefully, by 2015, I'll be more content with what I'm doing with my time and more pleased with myself for breaking some old and useless habits.

2014 decisions:
  • Blog more, and regularly
I would be kidding myself if I said I'll be posting 3 times a week. I really enjoy this little corner of mine but the laziness and lack of will power got the best of me in 2013. This being said, I will definitely be posting once a week, no matter how lazy I feel. It's not much, but it's a start to get back in the swing of things. I also want to turn this place into a bilingual blog as well, but strangely, I feel like I am putting too much of myself out there when I write in Turkish. It is ridiculous, but it is what it is. I shall work on that.
  • Improve myself in yoga
I am not the most unfit person in the world but it is hard to say that I've been a lover of the treadmill so far. I just don't like going to the gym. I'm not an extrovert, I don't enjoy the overly excited personal trainers trying to motivate me with loud sentences, I don't enjoy the feeling of racing the people around you. But I have found something that I really truly enjoy doing in 2013 and that is yoga. I underestimated the amount of muscle work required for this, I have to admit. But it was a good surprise. Yet, no matter how much I enjoy going to my classes, making myself go there after work when the weather is absolutely freezing and the sky is pitch black can requĊŸre some mental convincing. But I am (proudly) sticking with it, and at least two classes a week will be my exercise schedule for the early 2014.
  • Don't turn into a hermit
I tend to do this, especially when the weather is so dreadful to make me want to stay out after work. I'm hardly a social butterfly but sometimes the comforts of home are too tempting for me to leave them behind to meet my friends at an overly crowded bistro or cafe. But when I take it to the extremes, I suddenly realize I haven't been anywhere else but my work and the supermarket for the past two weeks and it's no good. I will drag myself out at least once a week, even in this horribly dry winter, and socialize. I will probably never be a person who will crave for human company, but losing touch with friends is no fun. Which leads me to the sub-resolution of this; I will actually get back in touch with a few old friends and actually meet them and not just say it.
  • Learn HTML
Yeeeh. Boring stuff, but this is on the list too. I'm hoping to jazz this place up a little bit this year, hopefully soon but HTML coding is something I want to learn so I can do this on my own without ruining it. 
  • Improve my French
Whether I go to a proper course or study my butt off at home, I am doing this. I have forgotten so much that it is embarrassing to say that I speak French in public. I will get back on the horse and take care of this, period.
  • Take a proper photography class
This is something I want to do both for this blog and myself. I am a self taught and I am hoping that I'm doing fairly well with it, but I want to know about the backstage and more about editing as well.

So, these are the only things I am hoping to accomplish this year so far. If 2014 brings more more to handle, I hope I'll take care of them as well. I have a sympathy for the number 24 (which is no longer my age, sigh) I like writing 4, so hopefully these alone will make this year a better one than the last one. (I don't like 3.)

Hope the new year brings you good luck, happiness, success and a very good kiss.



  1. I really enjoy yoga too actually and it's something I want to do more of. More poses and more time to it. I go to the gym and run, but yoga feels a lot different. Best to set realistic goals, these are seem do-able.

    Buckets & Spades

  2. oh i had already read your post before your comment (but my stupid ipad didn't post my comment!) i think you and i are similar in a lot of ways. loved reading your aims too x


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