26 January 2014

This month I...

1. Started 2014 by reading Deathless and enjoying the lazy afternoon with a cup of tea. 2. Went to Lush and went a bit overboard with my pamper essentials - so many lovely stuff. 3. Treated myself to a very girly vanilla cupcake from Very Cupcake to cheer myself up on a grumpy and rainy day. 4. Envied Bobo the Cat for napping on the radiators all day while we work. 5. Enjoyed the last fairy lights at the park. 6. Kept up my Christmas spirit with snowflake ginger cookies. 7. Visited the bookshop only to leave the place with two new books which I certainly did not need. 8. Went to the opera to see Die Fledermaus. 9. Finally got to use my hummingbird umbrella which I got from V&A Museum's gift shop.

January is over already and the approach of February always made me a bit uneasy (not because of the inevitable Valentine's Day explosion of red and pink) since I never seem to realize how fast time goes until I see it on the calendar. January was a dry month here, failing my hopes to see some decent amount of snow. Last few days have been rainy, thankfully and my content mood may or may not be linked to the wonderful feeling of enjoying socially acceptable home time. (When the weather is nice, society makes you feel guilty for missing all the sunshine. Rainy days are comforting, nobody cares if you choose to stay inside all day. Yay rain!)

I hope you all had a nice month and February treats you well. x

PS: I have decided to turn this monthly Instagram/photo collage into a series, to see and sum up what I've been up to. Expect a new one every last Sunday of each month.

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  1. oh i totally agree with this. that is why my favourite seasons are autumn/winter. i can enjoy staying at home without guilt!


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